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Commercial and Residential customers

Due to investing in all the correct tools Westwood Drainage are leaders in drain & sewer cleaning
Furthermore we guarantee our work, especially relevant if you demand peace of mind.

Westwood Drainage services,
your local drain cleaning company.

Competitive prices, quality service
and experienced staff

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Westwood Drainage
Westwood Drainage

Blocked Drains

If you have a blocked drain, Westwood Drainage technicians have the knowledge to help you.

Due to our vans being fully equipped with all the tools we could need
to unblock your drains, including high pressure jets, our guarantee is second to none.
In the rare occasion when lime-scale has built up to the point
the drain is blocked and as a result, rodding does not work.
The use of high power water jets, dislodge build-ups
so that the drain can flow smoothly again.
This saves the need for expensive excavations allowing you
to have peace of mind.

Drain jetting is also useful for non-emergency servicing of your drains.
Westwood Drainage are able to use drain jetting, to service the
drains on properties in order to find any problems.

Over time they could block with deposits or lime-scale which could be costly in the future.
It’s worthwhile to have your drains regularly cleaned and inspected.
Hence our service can help maintain your system effectively to save you money down the line.

Westwood Drainage Unblocking Drains

Because we specialise in commercial and domestic drainage services.
Our experienced team has over 28 years of knowledge in
the drainage industry and has cleared
drains all over Essex & London

Whatever service you require we have the experience
and drainage tools to provide an excellent service that will leave
your drains fully unblocked and clean.

Seems like you’ve found the right place for drain blockages
Because we are the only number you’ll need.

Poor housekeeping
The most common cause of blockages in any drainage systems is usually because the householder (or the previous occupant) put things down the pan which really should have gone in the bin. Yet nappies, sanitary products and condoms are so the most common culprits.
In conclusion: Almost all blockages can be avoided as a result of better housekeeping.

Grease And Fat
Fatty residue washes down the plughole and builds up within the drains, especially the water trap in the kitchen waste gully.
As soon as the grease comes into contact with the cold water it starts to congeal and stick to the inside of the pipes.
Over time most drainage systems will eventually lose some of their efficiency almost due to the build up of fat.
Rather the opposite of what you want your drains to do.

Blocked Toilets
First of all, most problems with the loo are caused by either a foreign
object being flushed away or a problem further down the line.
Don’t put anything in the toilet that could block the pipe, and that includes using maybe too much toilet paper.